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Origami Aficionados
The Community for Paper-folders
1st-Mar-2011 09:55 pm - Delores: A Wish
Burn, baby
Sometimes, when I have a strong wish/prayer/energy I want to send out, I'll write it on paper and fold it into a crane.

Then burn it. 

For me the fire is symbolic of the transformation of my thoughts into physical energy.  The paper turns to ash and smoke; the smoke drifts away into the air, where it can be carried to the person I'm thinking of.

I was curious if anyone had seen or done similar things, or had thoughts on it. (Besides fire safety :-) )
16th-Feb-2011 06:40 pm - Origami at MIT
"Origami finds new dimensions at MIT"

A fun little video and article about an origami club at MIT, but don't let the name "club" fool you it's not that tiny.
15th-Jan-2011 10:49 am - Hey comm!

I only started actually doing origami, like...last year, haha. I used to just fold stars, constantly. Well, I've been getting better (I think) and way more into it, as of late. So UTC are a few pics :) Enjoy!

UTCCollapse )
8th-Jan-2011 05:43 pm(no subject)
origami beginner! Hope you like them!

22nd-Dec-2010 01:10 am(no subject)
This was made for a friend who loves giraffes. We thought this pattern looked kind of like a dinosaur as well.

It's a little rough because I had to use an exacto knife, and the paper wasn't cut to size. It made just made for the fun :)

Giraffasaurus Owns Your SoulCollapse )
13th-Dec-2010 06:51 pm - two quick announcements
1. A group of us are going to do an Origami 365 project next year with the intent to fold a different model every day and post a picture of it. More information can be found on the flickr group page. http://www.flickr.com/groups/origami365/ Feel free to join us, it should be fun.

2. The next Nashville Origami Club meeting is this Sunday, Dec. 19th from 1-4pm. If you live in the area, come check us out. http://nashvilleorigamiclub.org
8th-Dec-2010 05:59 pm - Mod post - picture requirements
My Eyes
For the sake of member friend's pages and for those with slow computers/slow internet connections. Please put any pictures over 400x500 pixels under a lj-cut. The same can be said of posts with more then two pictures, please put the extras (if not all of them) under a cut.


your friendly neighborhood moderator, xdragonladyx

PS if you aren't sure how to do a lj-cut there's a FAQ for that...
20th-Nov-2010 12:16 pm - 1,000 cranes, with a twist!
Much Rejoicing
Cranes in a Box

Traditionally, the legend goes that a person who folds 1,000 cranes is supposed to be granted a wish. In reality, I think a person who folds 1,000 cranes ends up with carpal tunnel syndrome and a bunch of paper cranes. So what do you do with them? Answer: con someone else into taking them by making them think it's a really nifty present... ;)

What we have here is a box full of scrap paper... I mean... wishes! That's it, wishes!Collapse )

For my next (not again!) set of cranes, I bought memo cubes, and I plan to write one thing that makes me happy on the paper, fold it into a crane, and take a picture of it with/on/near something that represents what I wrote. I'm going to (hopefully) post them all over at Daily Crane on Facebook if anyone wants to follow the insanity... O.o
16th-Oct-2010 02:05 pm - Senbazuru #2
Origami stars
This one was for my mom, who had a hip replacement in early September. I folded the cranes over the course of 3 months, mostly during meetings and conferences at work. Seems the wish is working - she's recovering very quickly and is much happier than before the surgery.

The finished display

Gratuitous close up


PS - I did finish the 150 purple roses for the Relay for Life cancer survivors. There was no way to get a picture of the finished roses all together, but it turned out really well and I think people liked them.
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