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Folders Unite!!!

This Livejournal community is devoted to the art of paper-folding also known as origami. We're here to discuss anything we can about it, including favorite models, styles, history and useless bits of trivia. Feel free to share tricks and tips here about designing and folding new models. Also feel free to post pictures and links of what you've made. For the sake of member friend's pages and for those with slow computers/slow internet connections. Please put any pictures over 400x500 pixels under a lj-cut. The same can be said of posts with more then two pictures, please put the extras (if not all of them) under a cut. If you are unclear on how to do a lj-cut you can find out here---> FAQ #75

As a friendly reminder, people of all ages are invited to the community so everything in this site should be rated PG. When you post a link, please give an accurate description of what will be inside there.